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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Dolphin Talk

Dolphin Talk: Listening to Nature

A ringing series of Dolphin whistles reverberates through the ocean. They speed through miles of water, multiple pitches on parallel paths, bouncing past feeding whales and gliding turtles. Some of the sounds are beyond our comprehension, too high-pitched for the…

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African Innovation

Lean Innovation: African Style

Innovation in Africa looks different. Entrepreneurs tackle big, serious problems: malaria, sanitation, and childbirth, problems we don’t have. So what can we learn from African innovation? Cut the fat, and think lean. Thinking lean is about intentionally working with less…

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Bike Paths That Power Homes

What if bike paths could generate energy or empty shipping containers could be transformed to grow lettuce? Forward-thinking innovators find nuggets in the neglected and forgotten. They have a knack for repurposing everyday items. Local government teamed up with Dutch…

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