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SmartUp is an intelligent database of stories and insights on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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SPiN: The Ping Pong Startup

Ping pong is all about spin, and that’s why the SPiN Ping Pong Social Club has located its latest franchise smack in the heart of San Francisco’s startup gulch. Celebrity actress and activist Susan Sarandon is behind this multi-pronged experience,…

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Planet of the Apps: Your 60 Seconds of Fame

The money is on tech, and this week, two TV heavies and one hip young tech product buck let the assembled hundreds of hungry techies at startup hub and coding campus Galvanize in on the deal. Reality TV is coming to…

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Big Data Meets Sports: The Future of Human Performance

Knowledge is power for companies, entrepreneurs, and athletes. More than a decade ago, while coaching aspiring alpine ski racers at the Killington Mountain School in Vermont, Everett Young’s new boss required accountability, demanding that the latest crop of young skiers…

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Share Your Passion: The Power of the Pair

While marveling at the wonder of the Jamaica National Soccer Team joyfully warming up in pairs for a Copa America match — jumping, bumping and passing — it suddenly struck me that I’d been hearing all about the power of…

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