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Monthly Archives: May 2016

The Long Goodbye: La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club

Summer is when we break from our hyper-connected lives to stroll the beach, dip our toes in the sea, and step back into a simpler, romanticized past. Nostalgia can be a great motivator, and late this spring, just an hour…

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Box of Summer: La Jolla’s Lifeguard Icon

High on a craggy bluff overlooking the churning surf in La Jolla stands this weathered sea-green box, a proud, life-affirming icon dedicated to lifeguards everywhere, embossed with transcendent words and phrases that evoke the heart and soul of the brave…

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Coding for Comedy: Google’s Chet Haase

This is a story about a geek driven to make people think and laugh, a techie whose love of comedy and improvisation shows us that seemingly extracurricular pursuits can help you come into your own. Meet Chet Haase, a top…

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The Prince of Possibility

While interviewing members of Prince’s entourage following his death last month, what struck me, beyond their recollections of his indelible talent, was his voracious appetite for new ideas and his persistence at getting those around him to execute innovations on…

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