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Monthly Archives: August 2020

The Outsider: Daniel Lewis

The Outsider: Silicon Valley’s most storied archetype. The brash entrepreneur with the chutzpah to reinvent a product or an industry. Hitch a ride on the journey of a young man who might be you or me. Daniel Lewis began on…

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The Conductor: Carlos Muela

The platform is the Holy Grail in the world of startups and tech. Create the right, sticky elements, build and support your community, and boy can you scale. It all starts with someone we call the Conductor. I first met…

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The Leader: Allan Young

Where can we find the models for leadership we so desperately need? Our government, communities and companies have failed us. Professionals of all stripes and colors are struggling to find a foothold and a path forward. We’re adrift – lacking…

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The Maker: Perry Klebahn

What’s an entrepreneurial mindset? And how can you can you cultivate one? Six months into the pandemic it’s clearer than ever – our professional survival depends on activating our entrepreneurial instincts. Where will we find the spirit and backbone to…

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