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The Entrepreneur’s Faces

Are entrepreneurs born or made? The answer is both. Nearly anyone can learn to be more entrepreneurial in their lives and work, and really, why wouldn’t you want that extra innovation edge? This book identifies the ten essential entrepreneurial types to propel your professional growth.

“I was delighted to discover The Entrepreneur’s Faces and could not stop reading until the end. A must-read not only for all entrepreneurs, but also for intrapreneurs in large corporations. The takeaways after each chapter are astonishing. A game changer!”

– Danielle Winandy, Chief Innovation Officer, BNP Paribas

“There’s only one Steve Jobs but Littman and Camp show there are many paths to becoming a successful entrepreneur. This engaging, accessible book demystifies the essential process that they all go through – and that you can too.”

– Peter Leyden, Founder of Reinvent and host of the What’s Now: San Francisco event series