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SmartUp is an intelligent database of stories and insights on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Meet the Rocket Scientist Who Invented the Super Soaker

Lonnie Johnson is a geek who knows how to have fun: a literal rocket scientist, and the mastermind behind the legendary Super Soaker water gun. Inventor, aerospace engineer, and entrepreneur, his career spans his US Air Force service and twelve-year…

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Unlocking the Metaverse with DMarket’s Vlad Panchenko

Early in his entrepreneurial journey, Vlad Panchenko learned the virtues of being a cog in the machine. The founder and CEO of the hot Web3 games marketplace DMarket, he started his career in Ukraine at the age of 16, translating…

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Feras Bashnak

Sustainable Businesses on Two Wheels

Feras Bashnak is a serial entrepreneur who knows first-hand the high cost of opening a business. Want to launch a brick-and-mortar restaurant? Half a million. How about a food truck? $100,000. Either way, you’re sinking a lot of cash into…

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Tark Abed of Mighty Studios

Skating into the Future of Design

Tark Abed totally digs skateboarding. Testing his boundaries, tuning into his surroundings, moving and pivoting on the fly: “doing it differently, learning and moving forward. That’s a metaphor for life,” he says, “and also a powerful metaphor for the design…

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