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SmartUp is an intelligent database of stories and insights on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Getting to Your Next Big Thing

How do you find your next big thing? Look for anything but. The SmartUp Innovation Hub was exactly that for us, not our main focus but a ­side hustle, a passion project we nurtured and grew over the years. Our…

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Unlocking the Metaverse with DMarket’s Vlad Panchenko

Early in his entrepreneurial journey, Vlad Panchenko learned the virtues of being a cog in the machine. The founder and CEO of the hot Web3 games marketplace DMarket, he started his career in Ukraine at the age of 16, translating…

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Joe Patitucci of PlantWave

Tuning into the Secret Life of Plants

Modern life can be isolating. We’re wrapped up in our social media feeds, rushing to log into the next Zoom meeting, hurtling down the road in our metal capsules, or holed up in our houses. Being cut off from the…

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Jonathan Littman and Pedro Santa Clara

The Future of Talent, in Portugal and Beyond

Meet Pedro Santa Clara, the extraordinary Lisbon fundraiser and visionary behind the ultramodern seaside Nova campus in Carcavelos and the transformative tuition-free coding school 42 in Lisbon’s historical center. Pedro is cooking up other innovative ventures too – infusing Portuguese…

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