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SmartUp is an intelligent database of stories and insights on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Uber Connect

Dashing off a final email to my tax accountant, I tapped UberPool on my phone to grab a ride to a 9 a.m. meeting on April 15th. Three minutes later, I ran out of my Lower Pac Heights apartment and…

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Bite Me: Bringing Italy to America

Jordan Schuster is a wiry, intense man who loves and dreams about chocolate, a man who wants to be “in that inspirational creative space” that feeds his hunger to design new foods and imagine new flavors, a man who knows…

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Dolphin Talk

Dolphin Talk: Listening to Nature

A ringing series of Dolphin whistles reverberates through the ocean. They speed through miles of water, multiple pitches on parallel paths, bouncing past feeding whales and gliding turtles. Some of the sounds are beyond our comprehension, too high-pitched for the…

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