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SmartUp is an intelligent database of stories and insights on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Rejection Therapy: Prototype Failure

One lonely night not long ago, Jason Comely was where we all end up at some point in our lives: feeling sorry for himself. The deck seemed stacked against him. Nine months earlier, his wife had left him for a…

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Forget Something?

Forget Something?

Skiing recently near Lake Tahoe I walked into my Holiday Inn hotel bathroom and found the small plaque behind the soap dish pictured above with the catchy phrase, “Forget Something?” Forgetting comes naturally. We forget our keys, our cell phones,…

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The Ageless Innovator

Barbara Beskind works at IDEO on projects that help the elderly. She’s 91. IDEO has long broken ground on novel ways to inspire radically new products and services. While the results can sometimes seem like magic, the secret is often…

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Dolphin Talk

Dolphin Talk: Listening to Nature

A ringing series of Dolphin whistles reverberates through the ocean. They speed through miles of water, multiple pitches on parallel paths, bouncing past feeding whales and gliding turtles. Some of the sounds are beyond our comprehension, too high-pitched for the…

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